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Decoy Commander


This product in not in production and is nearing the final design stage. The
expected date of sales is March 2014.


The Decoy Commander Tug unit has been constructed and tested for the past several
hunting seasons. It has proven to be very reliable and rugged. The unit offers many features and on windless days, it is guaranteed to create water ripples and decoy movement and the ducks will come into range regardless of your calling ability. Among many advantages and features, the tug unit can be deploy from the shore or from your boat, and will operate in 8" of water. It works great for those timber holes where you need water movement, an advantage if you are a run and gun hunter such as myself.

 Simply carry the unit to the site, place it in eight inches or more of water and you’re up in running in a matter of minutes; no need for weights associated with a standard jerk cord or bungees, springs or pulleys. The Decoy Commander Tug allows you to incorporate your regular decoys to the unit. Once the decoys are attached, use the remote control to activate the decoys and water movement and increase your odds of a successful fowl hunt. If you are interested in purchasing the patent or in manufacturing the product, please contact us at:

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Decoy Commander Tug

Invented and patented by James Winsett



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