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Decoy Tug

Get the most out of your hunt. The Decoy Commander Decoy Tug gives
the hunter an edge.


Check out the features of the Decoy Tug:

  • Mostly submerged tug unit
  • Multiple configuration options for decoy setups
  • Add as many as 24 decoys at a time
  • Creates water movement, ripples in water
  • Remote operation for great movement and maneuverability
  • No pulleys, no wires, free movement
  • Easy forward and reverse control with left and right rudder controls
  • Controlled, yet random independent decoy action
  • Setup is fast
  • No need to go wading in the water, the tug delivers your ducks to shore
  • No tangles on turn and movement, true tracking of decoys
  • Looks and move like real ducks

Where to Find Us:

Decoy Commander Tug

Invented and patented by James Winsett



Phone: 817.994.0472


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