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The decoy tug is a patented system by its inventor, James Winsett of Texas. The product is in the final phase of design and manufacturing. An estimated date for product sales is March 2014.

 The decoy tug is the ultimate, superior motion decoy system providing the hunter an advantage. The decoy system includes a self-propelled decoy with a multiple functioning remote control, unlike other system with only a single control. The decoy tug can maneuver up to 24 decoys with life-like movement and creates ripples giving game fowl a false sense of security for water landing.

 One of the many features of the varied operating controls is the forward and reverse function without any tangles. The decoys can be move in different directions and offers
a long-range control.

Attracting wild waterfowl is the goal of every hunter, with the unit having the
ability to retrieve down fowl, by the use of the retriever attachment; it is an option
instead of hunter or dog retrieval.

Read more details by clicking on features. You will be impressed. If you are interested in this product, please contact us.

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